Word Power: Trim The Waste and Cut To The Chase

A strong marketing message requires words that engage, motivate, and have a direct impact on sales or creating a favorable impression. To do that, you must remove all obstacles that clutter the path to a compelling connection with your reader. Here are some examples of wordy phrases and how to cut them down to size.

Wordy Phrase

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Free gift
  • Whether or not
  • Expert specialists
  • The one and only
  • Most unique
  • Features too numerous to mention
  • Your own home
  • A wide variety of different models
  • Dull and boring
  • Exhibits the ability to
  • As you may or may not know
  • Can help you
  • On an annual basis
  • Due to the fact
  • In order to

Lean Phrase

  • Easy to use
  • Gift
  • Whether
  • Experts
  • The only
  • Unique
  • Many features
  • Your home
  • A variety of models
  • Boring
  • Can
  • As you may know
  • Helps you
  • Yearly
  • Because
  • To

Good writing is concise writing. It pulls in your audience quickly and delivers a relevant message with clarity. Keep yours short, sweet and free of waste, and you’ll see your word power – and the results it creates – rise accordingly.

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