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Google AdWords Pay Per Click Services could be the solution.

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What is Google AdWords
Pay Per Click Services?

You’ve probably seen the abbreviation “PPC”. This stands for Pay Per Click. PPC is an internet based marketing model where customers are able to see your ads online, in places like their Google search results and on websites they visit. You only pay when a customer clicks on your ad. Hence the name, Pay Per Click.

This results in a higher return for your advertising money, since you are only paying for clicks from people who are already interested in your services. Knowing what kinds of ads speak to people and draw the most interest is key to a successful PPC campaign. AdServices can help you create those ads.

Smarter Advertising Made Easy
with Google AdWords PPC Management

To make the most of a Pay Per Click campaign, you need...


A Thorough Knowledge of the rules of Google AdWords PPC Advertising

A well-planned strategy to make sure your ads are reaching the right audience at the right time

Google AdWords Pay Per Click Campaigns… AdServices Style

AdServices has the expertise and experience to strategize, develop, set-up, execute, monitor, and provide reporting for complete Pay Per Click campaigns. Below is an outline of what our team will do to ensure a successful Campaign is setup and ROI is around the corner.

Existing Account
(if applicable)

In cases where AdServices is taking over a previous Pay Per Click campaign, we’ll conduct a full audit of previous efforts. This often reveals some quick wins and helps us prioritize our approach.

and Brainstorm

Keywords are words or phrases that people use when searching online for a product or service. Therefore, a robust keyword list describing your product or service is critical. We’ll review your current site and competitor’s sites to create a beginning list which will be refined as we progressively build the campaign.


Demographic data provides key information about age, gender, and interests of online visitors. We will determine your demographic target based on our knowledge of your industry, our research, and any input you provide. This data will create a customer target for the campaign.


We will write ad copy based on our research and expertise that is designed to motivate the right prospects to take action. Each ad will be connected to corresponding keywords.

Tracking & Analytics

We’ll dialogue together about the best way to track conversions and ROI, so that your goals are in the forefront of our efforts.

and Analysis

We look at our client’s competitors in great detail, actively monitoring to maintain our client’s brand above the competition. This ensures maximum exposure on the paid search landscape.


Is the campaign performing better today than this time last week - Last month - Last year? We’ll keep our eye on the answer to these questions. If there are notable peaks and troughs, or general trends, we’ll optimize accordingly.

and Refine

Keyword performance analysis, bid monitoring, overall budgeting, demographic refinements, ad copy revising, and much more are all fundamental components of Pay Per Click management and part of our comprehensive services.


You will receive monthly reporting on the effectiveness of your campaign. This includes a conversation with an Account Executive and / or a member of our Digital Team. Of course, you can always contact us with questions throughout your campaign.

Enlisting the services of a professional and experienced Google AdWords PPC manager is the best way to ensure a successful campaign.

AdServices has the experienced experts you need to run the best campaign for your business. Our goal is to collaborate with you to develop ongoing advertising for your business that can drive revenue up while you focus on running your operation.

If you’re ready to grow your business and reach new clients in a cost efficient way...

AdServices is ready to join forces with you to create an advertising plan that will increase your visibility online in the right way for your business. Contact our main office at (954) 922-9395 or e-mail us at service@adservices.net for more information.