Media Planning Spurs Market Share Growth for Air Conditioning Dealership


In earlier years, the owner of a southwest Florida air conditioning and heating contractor did his own media planning. As his company and the complexity of media options expanded, the once manageable task became time and labor-intensive, distracting him from operations and growing a customer base in a competitive market.

Getting the call to develop a complete marketing and media plan within the company’s annual budget of $300,000, AdServices went to work. The agency conducted client interviews to gain in-depth knowledge of company goals and insights as well as industry trends and challenges. Extensive research uncovered untapped marketing opportunities and media relationships were cultivated and leveraged to land the best rates and packages.

With a focus on metrics such as reach and frequency in the target demographic, AdServices produced a comprehensive media plan consisting of an easy-to-follow spreadsheet and written rationale for delivering the company’s message to the right people in the media they valued most. AdServices also produced and trafficked creative, received media invoices and checked them for accuracy, coordinated “make goods” when unfulfilled media buys needed to be rescheduled, and managed billing.


Thanks to improved efficiencies and the increased sophistication of the media plan, this A/C contractor increased sales dramatically at a time when many of its industry peers were closing down. With AdServices revitalizing the media planning efforts, the client reported a significant increase in market share, adding an average of thirteen new customers per calendar day for an entire year while AdServices managed the campaign. Revenues also rose sharply.

While such exceptional gains are always influenced by a combination of factors, the contractor credited AdServices with being the catalyst for much of this success. As the years go by, the principal, who was once preoccupied with media planning that kept him from managing his business, is happy to continue to trust AdServices with navigating his company to optimum exposure.

Leading Manufacturer Partners with AdServices to Drive Sales, Training


When you’re a major manufacturer of heating and cooling equipment with a worldwide customer base, efficient distribution channels are everything. That’s especially true when you do business domestically via a combination of company owned and independent distribution entities, each of which is responsible for a geographic portion of the U.S. and selection of their own advertising agency of record.

In 1998, AdServices became agency of record for the manufacturer’s South Florida office and through introductions and referrals within the organization served six sales offices and handled projects for nine others through 2005. In 2006, the corporate leadership issued a Request For Proposal to all agencies working in their network to identify one or more as a Preferred Agency Partner that would have the manufacturer’s full endorsement.

AdServices and an $11.2 billion media planning and buying agency headquartered in New York bested the field earning joint Preferred Agency Partner status. The media firm was charged with the planning and buying functions of all participating sales offices. AdServices took on creation, execution and direct mail fulfillment, with authorization to provide marketing services for the manufacturer’s individual dealers and marketing and advertising training for dealers and sales personnel.


With AdServices co-anchoring the Preferred Agency Partner collaboration, the manufacturer’s nationwide network of sales offices overwhelmingly embraced it as a single strategic source of media and marketing expertise that consistently generated bottom-line results. Sales offices responsible for 40 states signed agreements with the PAP collaboration, even though they are not required to opt in by the manufacturer.

In one year alone, AdServices produced over 5,000 individual pieces of creative for participating sales offices. This creative output spanned all media – radio, TV, print, direct mail, outdoor and Internet – with over 1,100 dealers promoted through locally tagged call to action segments. Over eight million individual pieces of direct mail were delivered during the year, underscoring AdServices’ accurate production and precision coordination capabilities in reaching targeted audiences.

Brand-Building Instrumental in Musical Non-Profit’s Success


Young people with a passion for music often struggle to attain the education and performing experience to hone their craft. That was the case for a gifted South Florida student with aspirations to be a classical percussionist, but little outlet for developing his talent. The year was 1988, and the void in artistic instruction led the student’s parents to form a non-profit musical program designed to nurture blossoming skills in an educational orchestral setting.

While the organization made great strides in its first decade providing promising young musicians with a vital educational resource, its image did not fully reflect the quality of instruction and performance it delivered. The artistry and musicianship on display at the live shows gave audiences a caliber of entertainment that exceeded all expectations. The executive director sought an advertising/marketing agency to create top-of-mind brand recognition and build long-term success. Enter AdServices.

The agency brought its diverse expertise to bear on developing the program’s brand focus, providing graphic design, marketing, web design and maintenance, and organizational support. Of special significance and impact was AdServices’ work in spearheading their annual program – an approximately 100 page yearbook of editorial and advertising content. The book has become a critical tool in presenting the vision and positioning of the non-profit program to donors, patrons, grant decision makers and other targeted groups throughout the year.

Above and beyond the creation and production of engaging, first-class materials, AdServices partnered closely with the non-profit on numerous marketing and operational endeavors, including fund-raising campaigns, using technology to connect to new audiences and opportunities, and researching non-profit and orchestral best practices.


Today, the image of the non-profit musical program is one of high prestige and phenomenal success throughout South Florida and beyond, drawing grants and donations from a variety of public and private sources. Its executive director and board credit AdServices with being instrumental in dramatically improving the distinction and influence of their brand at every level.

Direct Mail Promotion Helps Air Conditioning Contractor Make Cool Profit


It started out as a simple direct mail campaign for an air conditioning and heating contractor that had money to spare as a result of some unused factory co-op dollars. With resourceful media planning and customer-focused creative, AdServices saw the potential to have a small investment pay big dividends. The agency obtained a mailing list utilizing the Claritas Prizm NE selection method, created the piece using manufacturer approved elements for co-op compliance, and handled the entire effort for the contractor in turnkey fashion.


By the numbers, the small campaign with big intentions paid off as follows:

  • 4,653 post cards mailed with refrigerator magnets attached to each card. Cost: $9,900.
  • 47 appointments booked for sale/installation of new equipment.
    (Based on an industry standard 33% closing ratio and industry average sale of $7,500, this equaled $115,000 in revenue.)
  • 421 appointments booked for service calls.
    (Based on an industry standard of $200 per service call, this equaled $84,200 in revenue.)
  • Total return = $199,200 on investment of $9,900.

By meticulously researching mailing lists, developing compelling creative, and proficiently satisfying co-op requirements, AdServices helped the contractor turn a modest investment into a major spike in new revenue.

Homeschooling Publisher Makes the Grade With AdServices’ Guidance


When a homeschooling mom developed curriculum to engage the minds of her children with a classical, hands-on approach, those on the lookout for better teaching tools took notice. The result was the unexpected birth of a burgeoning publishing business with over half a million in annual sales... and a mom overwhelmed with the sudden popularity of her kitchen table creation.

In 1991, as her curricula became a consistent overachiever in attracting homeschool and private school educators, the mom-turned-publishing-entrepreneur reached out to AdServices for help. Rising to the challenge of steering a new publishing venture to greater success, the agency took on all aspects of the operation, including managing title acquisitions, product development, printing and inventory control.

Strategic marketing services built on the early momentum of a product in demand, with branding, advertising, and web development and maintenance increasing exposure and expanding market share.


As the publishing industry experienced historic upheaval, AdServices guided this homegrown client to growth and stability, uncovering efficiencies in the printing process to significantly decrease costs, transitioning a large portion of their sales to e-commerce, and introducing e-books. As a result, this unique curriculum provider become a vibrant force in the educational publishing world. Its principal – the one-time home schooling mom – stayed mostly and happily hands off, having earned a comfortable income from a business that, thanks to AdServices, ran itself.

AdServices Helps Community-Minded Bank Draw Maximum Interest


Shortly after opening its doors in 1989, AdServices was introduced to a south Florida bank with a strong family and community focus. Working closely with the management team to develop a clear-cut brand identity and grow their customer base, AdServices helped the bank expand from a single location into other cities before it was acquired by a larger financial services company with an existing ad agency.

A few years later, an executive who had been with the original bank decided to get back to basics and bring his family and community banking vision to a financial institution of his own. He rekindled his relationship with AdServices who assisted with all start-up positioning, messaging, collateral, point of sale and other outreach to prospective customers.

Opening branches throughout Broward County, this community-minded bank continued its relationship with AdServices, relying on the agency for a range of creative and strategic services that included advertising, collateral, social media marketing, public relations, digital communications and media planning.


Through consistent, strategic positioning and messaging, AdServices helped our client maintain a leadership position as a truly local bank with an open door policy. This position has enabled the bank to not only survive, but to grow during a time of economic turmoil, the real estate crash and the default of many banks, both local and national.

As the only agency of record in the bank’s history, AdServices’ longevity speaks to a successful philosophy of working and winning together through collaboration that turns challenges into opportunities.