Viva La Visuals!

Is your business tapping the power of visuals to tell relevant stories and make stronger connections? Here are some considerations to keep in mind for maximum message enhancement and audience engagement.

**Photos that demonstrate a product’s usefulness by showing it in action are big credibility builders. Vacuum cleaners cleaning, lawn mowers mowing, bicycles biking – every action image offers compelling proof that a product exists and works. Bonus Points: Putting people in the photos can add significant appeal and relatability.

**Use visuals that illustrate your key selling points. On a treadmill website that extolls the benefits of custom workout creation, it’s a smart move to showcase the feature-rich display console. If custom workouts and a high-tech console aren’t selling points, it would be more useful to show something else, like space-saving design or easy portability.

**A drawing can illustrate a product or process that is not easily photographed – such as the inner workings of a water filter or high-end mattress.

**A graph can swiftly convey how one factor changes in relation to another. In a web page on air conditioning, a graph could show how your electric bill goes down as the energy efficiency rating of your system goes up.

**A diagram can show how something works or how it is structured. An organizational diagram, for instance, uses arrows and boxes to depict how the divisions and branches of a company are organized.

**Label visuals with captions. Studies show that captions are read far more often than body copy. Use them to reinforce the text or highlight an additional selling point not covered in the copy. Bonus Points: Make captions informative and interesting. Instead of labeling a men’s tie photo “Men’s Striped Tie,” write “This classic men’s striped power tie makes a strong statement.”

So, is a picture really worth a thousand words? While that mathematical equation may be debatable, the enormous storytelling and selling power of visuals are not. Use them to express or illustrate concepts more vividly than words can, and watch your content evoke the deeper emotions and connections that lead to greater marketing success.

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