Turn Here For Results-Driven Billboards.

Few mediums reach more people for the money than billboards. But slapping a bunch of words and images on a big sign isn’t the road to high traffic results. It can even make some people think less of you. Follow these tips and take your billboard from invisible to eye-catching while efficiently relaying the takeaway you intended.


Be Of Few Words
With only a fleeting opportunity to engage passing motorists, seven words or fewer is the rule for billboard messages. Most drivers won’t be able to read much more. Even if your outdoor ad is at a stop light, many people won’t take time to look over and read it if you have too much copy.

Limit Images
A child doesn’t belong on a billboard just because he or she is adorable. Only use images that directly illustrate your concept or support your brand. Also think twice about putting yourself on a billboard. It’s unlikely someone’s going to buy a car because they saw a smiling face 14 feet tall.

Color Your World Carefully
Bright crazy colors can sometimes contribute to a billboard’s drawing power, but more often than not they’re misused. Most ads get attention because they’re based on a solid strategy and designed well, not because the color level is set on “stun.” The truth is, employing pulsating colors can harm a company’s image and look more sleazy that slick.

Use A Call To Action Sparingly
With space at a premium, do you really need to include the words “Call Now” or “Visit Our Website”? When done right, your entire billboard is a call to action, whether that action is to turn right at the next light, get more information, or try something new. The primary goal is to create some sort of meaningful connection with the viewer.

Pick A Point Of Contact
Some billboards include a phone number, street address, directions to the business and a website. That’s maybe three points of contact too many. If you make a visually compelling ad that delivers a relevant message quickly, people will respond.

With so many billboards vying for attention on our highways and byways, it’s important to make sure you tell your story as simply and memorably as possible. Keep these pointers in mind and you’ll have a better chance to get people looking, talking and taking the next step in the journey.

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