Trade Show Laws of Attraction: Tips For Drawing More Traffic To Your Booth.

A trade show is a chance to see and sell a high volume of people in a short amount of time. Organize your offerings in an appealing way, encourage prospects to interact with your booth, and provide informative take-away materials, and you’ll get the laws of attraction working in your favor. Here are some tips to give you that winning edge.

Have The Look That Gets Them Looking. Attendees are drawn to visually-appealing booths. Use eye-catching colors and graphics and make your messaging clear and readable from every angle. If you have the option, islands and counters are worthwhile additions to a booth design. You can use them to draw attention to special items and make maximum use of limited space.

Be Hospitable. Give people a warm welcome and have small tokens of appreciation ready to roll. Offering coffee, water and cookies or others treats always scores points with hungry and thirsty attendees. Show your guests a little generosity and they might just give some back.

Connect First, Then Sell. Hold back on the sales pitch and ask attendees curiosity questions first. How are you enjoying the trade show? Where are you from? What does your company do? If you show an interest in others, you’ll often get some interest in return. That’s when the sales message becomes a natural extension of a friendly, no-pressure conversation.

Showcase What’s New. The big question on every trade show attendee’s mind is “What’s new?” Answer the question without delay by prominently displaying your latest product or placing information on a new service where your prospects can’t miss it.

Hold A Giveaway Or Raffle. Don’t overlook this crowd-pleasing trade show staple. Visitors to your booth fill out a form with their name, company, address, phone number and e-mail. You get new contacts for your database, they get a chance to win a gift card or other prize.

Strut Your Stuff. Giveaways that stand out in the crowd are a great way to expand your booth’s reach. Hand out branded wristbands, sun visors, light-up trinkets, reusable bags, etc. The more people you get to take them, the more others will notice and want to get in on the action.

Lay Out Good Literature. Gathering useful information is a top priority for most trade show attendees. They want to know how you can help their businesses be more profitable, what products or services you can provide to increase their competitive edge, and what tools you can offer to take them to the next level. Make sure you give them your best sales info in printed form with an ample supply of brochures, ad reprints and flyers.

The biggest trade show successes come to companies who prepare well in advance, perfect their presentation, and put themselves in attendees’ shoes in considering what’s enticing and what’s off-putting. Follow these laws of attraction as you plan your next appearance and make sure your booth means business.

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