Time For The Basics

It’s hard to read the news without being challenged to feel down and at least a little scared. It seems that every day – no, make that several times a day – the media takes pleasure in telling us something bad and forecasting something worse. For what it’s worth, I’d like to share with you some thoughts on how I think businesses should face the future. My ideas may at first seem far too simple. Yet, the most profound solutions are usually the most rudimentary.

I believe that there’s never been a better time to focus on the basics. Of course the specifics will be different for each of us, but a common thread runs through every company. Focusing on the basics means staying in touch with customers and prospects, looking for new and expanded business, providing expert strategies and tactics, developing stellar products and services, following through with precision execution, and doing all of this on a better than average timetable, at reasonable prices, and with service that makes everyone say “Wow!” over and over, while all the while watching costs.

Sounds like the same old boring stuff, right? And in a way it is. To be truthful, doing the same old boring stuff has been the story of my own personal development. It’s also brought a great deal of success to AdServices. We’ve never been one of those flashy, dynamic, rise to stardom types of companies. We just get up early and work hard on the fundamentals.

I don’t know any secrets for facing the future, other than focusing on the basics. The good news is that I honestly believe this gives companies the very best chance of not only surviving, but actually growing and prospering in this economy, or in any economy for that matter.

There are some things we can’t control. It does no good to give those any more energy in terms of worries and even conversation than we have to. We can only pray and ask for guidance, then proceed accordingly. There are many things we CAN control. To those, and especially to the basics, we must give enormous energy. That’s how AdServices is going to face these times, and it’s my suggestion to you as well.

Expect great things,

Steve Fales

AdServices Inc.


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