Three Little Words For Time Management Success By Steve Fales

Some of the best time management tactics come in bite-size portions – all the better to save valuable time. This series of three-word phrases cuts to the chase with tips you can quickly apply. Let’s get down to business.

Make A Plan. Don’t just live life haphazardly or reactively. Know what you want to accomplish for the day or the hour.

Use A List. Master Lists and To Do Lists keep people organized.

Write It Down. How much time has been wasted because of something forgotten? A piece of paper can’t forget.

Hard Things First. Get that tough task or project out of the way and you’ll feel much better and more able to tackle other challenges.

Easy Things First. Sometimes you can get five easy items off your desk in just a few minutes. This gives you a lot more room, on your desk and in your brain, for other tasks and projects.

Do It Now. Procrastination is a mortal enemy of effectiveness. It is much better, whenever possible, to handle that task now, or eliminate it. Some time management gurus say that anything that can be done in two minutes or less should be done right now.

Do It Later. Distractions can be just as deadly as procrastination. There are cases when things should be put off. For example, you don’t have to drop everything just because the mail arrived. If you’re on a roll with a project, it’s sometimes best to stick with it.

Don’t Do It. Ask yourself “What would happen if I never did this?” If the answer is “Nothing”, don’t do it.

Ask For Help. Is there someone who could give you, in just a few moments, information or assistance that could lessen your time investment in this project? People are usually glad to help.

Farm It Out. Maybe you can give the whole project to someone else. It may even be worth paying a fee if someone’s involvement will save a lot of your time.

Tie It Up. Get the project completely finished and out of your hair. You’ll be much more productive as you tackle your next task.

Mix It Up. Sometimes you have to stop what you’re doing and do something else for a while. Winston Churchill said “A change is as good as a rest.”

Keep At It. As long as you’re moving, you’ll get there. When we stop making forward progress, we lose a lot of time.

Have Some Fun. True effectiveness includes doing things that re-energize us and prepare us for the next period of hard work. So find out what you love to do and allow yourself to do it.

As jam-packed schedules and information overload fill our minds and days, these three-word phrases can swiftly spotlight key principles for using time more efficiently.

We could have explored this vast topic at greater length, but as another time-sensitive phrase succinctly puts it: Less Is More.

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