Thoughts On Better Thinking By Steve Fales

Scientists tell us that thoughts are the result of neurons sending and reacting to electromechanical signaling. I’m not sure what that means, but I do know that getting thoughts to come to our minds is more than a mysterious, ethereal thing that just happens.

Thinking is an activity that will make us more productive, effective, and successful. And it is indeed an activity. People say things like “The thought just came to me.” Thankfully, thoughts come to us seemingly from nowhere now and then. But to really reach new heights, thinking has to become something we do intentionally.

So how is it possible to harness the power of thought? Here are a few techniques for preparing yourself to think.

Clear your mind. Experts say that some type of physical activity makes a big difference in preparing the mind to think. Maybe it’s just getting up from your chair and taking a walk around the building.

Eliminate distractions. This might mean making that phone call that’s nagging you, clearing a few e-mails, reviewing a memo for which someone else is waiting, or telling others that you’ll be out of touch for a certain length of time. Avoid the temptation to multi-task. Study after study shows that people must focus on one thing to think productively. Or as the old proverb says, “He who chases two rabbits catches none.”

Fine-tune your environment. The details of your surroundings can play a critical role in your ability to think. If you sometimes find it difficult to think at your desk, a conference room or library might be a good environment. Do you like music, or silence? A window or a wall? Florescent lights or halogen? As Plato said, “Know thyself,” then set up the environment that will help you think.

Ask questions, record answers. Thought-provoking questions might include: What is the goal? What are the obstacles? How could this be done better? Who might be able to help? What might I be missing? Make sure you have a keyboard or pen and paper ready. Thoughts enter and leave the mind pretty quickly. You want to be able to capture them.

Take time to think, see the value in thinking, and remember to focus rather than trying to cover too many bases at once.

You’ll be better for it … I really think so.

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