They Won’t Buy If They Don’t Know… The Strategic Importance Of Advertising

Is your company the best kept secret in the marketplace? It shouldn’t be. Consider the following reasons why advertising must be a key component of your business plan.

If You Advertise You Exist
Your business will not move the sales needle if consumers don’t know you’re out there. Customers buy from companies they recognize, and that market presence is created through advertising. If you don’t advertise, you simply don’t exist.

Potential Customers Are Waiting To Hear From You
Once a decision has been made to purchase a particular product or service, approximately half of those consumers will make the actual buy within one week.  A consistent advertising effort increases your chances of reaching that potential customer as he or she shops for the best offer.

Advertising Creates Sales Opportunities By Driving Customers To Your Store Or Web Site
Turn those visitors into buyers by raising the potential for impulse and point of sale business through specials, limited time offers and coupons.  According to a survey conducted by the National Retail Federation, for every 100 planned buys, consumers make an additional 30 unplanned purchases.

Creating Top Of Mind Awareness Is Critical
Simmons market research tells us that consumers are confident of product or service satisfaction when they purchase a familiar brand. We have become a nation of sophisticated shoppers, researching price options, quality, company reputation and performance, especially when considering major items including automobiles and appliances. Once again it goes back to generating a consistent advertising effort so your name is the first one customers remember when they are ready to buy.

Advertising Provides The Most Effective And Efficient Means For Reaching Your Target Audience
There is an advertising message for every audience as well as numerous media choices at your disposal for reaching your target market. Two of these include publications focusing on your specific industry (fashion, travel, sports, as examples) and direct mail that can further segment your market by age, income level, and other criteria. Research the most effective media options for your business.

It Works
From multi-national corporations to local family owned ventures, successful businesses advertise. They understand that it is a crucial component of the sales function and key towards competing in their industries. Even market leaders continue to advertise in order to maintain their top positions.

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