The Product Everybody Wants

Sometimes it’s harder than other times to make a sale.  I won’t deny that.  But there’s one product that’s always in demand.  I’m talking about “solutions.”  Solutions never go out of style.  People and companies are always willing to pay for them.  And they can generate fair profits and enormous amounts of good will.


Think about your customers and prospects.  Research their lifestyles, their companies and their industries.  What problems are they facing? 


Or better still, ask them what their problems are. Then listen deeply and intentionally – without interrupting or turning the conversation back to yourself as the focus. Ask questions and get as far beneath the surface as possible. G. K. Chesterton said “A problem well defined is a problem half solved.” So listen until you truly understand and can define the problem.

Once you know what’s troubling your prospects, you’re in a great position to do business. A lot of companies drop the ball here, however, because they don’t understand that people have little interest in “stuff.” People want solutions.

For example, if my air conditioner stops working, that’s a problem. The company that says I need a new fan motor is simply bringing me another problem. But the company that assures me they can have my home cool and comfortable again by this afternoon will have me gladly writing a check. (“And oh, by the way Mr. Fales, we’ll be replacing the fan motor.”) I’m not at all glad that my A/C broke, but I’m thrilled that the technician has a solution.

As long as human civilization has existed, there have been problems… at least since that little incident with the apple in the Garden of Eden. Most people are willing to pay a fair price to make their problems go away. If your company and mine can offer solutions, we’ll be successful in any economy.

Think about how this applies to your business, or give me a call and we’ll brainstorm together.

Expect great things,

Steve Fales

AdServices Inc.


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