The No-Misfire Hire: Staffing To Fit Your Organizational Culture

Many businesses think that if they simply hire “good people,” those staff members can later be converted to the organization’s philosophy, code of conduct and work ethic. This chancy hit-or-miss approach will often result in frustration for both management and employee. Instead, a company must have its intentional organizational culture – its Companality® – in mind throughout the recruiting process.

Those who interview job candidates must vividly describe the firm, giving examples of the attitudes and actions that drive daily operations. Whatever the hiring process, it should include several opportunities for the person or team making the decision to get a feel for whether or not the prospect is a strong fit.

The gut feeling known as “chemistry” is supremely important here. Violating this for any reason will almost always result in a hire that is out of place. Down the road, this will either negatively impact the mission, vision and values, or result in an unhappy team member and supervisor. In the vast majority of instances the person will leave the organization before long, either voluntarily or otherwise. Given the cost of recruiting, hiring, and training personnel, this can be devastating to the enterprise.

Keeping the most valued aspects of your particular Companality in mind, you can pose questions designed to reveal a job candidate’s compatibility. These may include:

  • Some people want to take the ball and run with it, while others like to tackle tasks in collaboration with coworkers. How do you work best?

  • Do you need a private office or are you better suited to an open, team environment?

  • Do you prefer silence or would you rather have the radio on or be plugged into some source of streaming music?

  • Do you find strict office hours or flex time more appealing?

  • What do you view as the keys to success in performing your job at a high level?

Though conversational on the surface, the cumulative effect of these questions is the clear identification of someone who complements your culture… or not.

When a strong match leads to an offer of employment, the time is ripe to underscore the importance of Companality once again. Telling a new hire that what separated him or her from the many other skilled candidates was the cultural fit sends a big message at a pivotal moment.

The new hire should have a reaction that is nothing less than, “Wow, they’re serious about this!” And with a staffing setback averted, a true win-win relationship is poised to go the distance.

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