The New SEO Rules: Unite Quality Content And Key Words For Top Results

Once upon a time, a few simple SEO efforts could be enough to land you on page one of Google. Now, with so many aware of the basics of SEO, the question is not whether to use it, but how to use it more effectively to attract your target audience. Here are some rules of engagement on creating web content that’s SEO enriched.

Know Your Audience. With advances in analytics, even small businesses with modest budgets can learn a great deal about their readership. It’s common to start with search engine terms that hit well, but may not lead to conversion. This is often due to a lack of understanding the audience. Whenever the site gets readers who drop off quickly, it’s time to rethink whether it’s attracting the right visitors. For instance, some keywords are searched more by people just seeking information. If a site is geared toward sales, searchers looking for articles might click through a few pages and leave rather than make a purchase.

Provide Quality Content. Great SEO will not work without great content. Page ranking improves when something of value is offered to the reader. The best writing is audience driven and tailored to fit their needs. Whether that means informative, well-researched articles, entertaining pieces, or step-by-step instructions, it should build trust in your site and your offerings.


Master Link Building. The more inbound links to a site, the greater number of visitors it will have, and the higher the page ranking. Developing a strategy for how to earn inbound links is important to the overall SEO plan on any website. From attracting links to specific blog posts based on their usefulness to readers to a concerted effort to network online with industry peers, the more places that link to the site, the better.

Use Keywords Naturally. Most online marketers know not to simply throw a bunch of keywords into an article, but it can be difficult to include them naturally. Review your keywords before writing any piece and then write without looking at them. If you haven’t added them automatically, you should be able to fit them in through an edit with little trouble.

SEO is an ongoing process – not a one-time task. Follow these rules, check results regularly, and retool content as needed to better serve your audience. Your efforts will be compensated with a rise in rankings and all the rewards that go with it.