The Content Connection: Marketing’s New Realities For Pleasing Prospects

Content has always been part of marketing – information, resources and solutions packaged to persuade and sell. But as technology and consumer behavior have changed, content has become less about moving product and more about moving people.

To make a genuine connection with prospects, successful marketers recognize some new realities in providing value.

New Reality # 1: Effective marketers create content that conveys their unique qualities in a distinctive voice. Figure out what you want to say as well as how to say it. Is your brand personality that of a reliable, no-nonsense service provider? Then stay that steady course in all your communications. Are you more of a fun, feel-good maker of products that put a smile on people’s faces? Then keep it light and upbeat.

New Reality # 2: Your value isn’t in what you do, it’s what you do for others. Consider your prospects’ points of view. How does your product or service enhance their lives, eliminate problems, relieve stress and frustration? Don’t fixate on features; talk about benefits that are relevant to your customers.

New Reality # 3: Be interesting and worthwhile. With everyone Googling and engaging on social media, it’s not enough to present information. Attracting attention and inspiring loyalty requires content worth sharing.  The more you educate, stimulate and entertain, the bigger and more avid your audience will be.

New Reality # 4: Don’t just tell, show. Images and videos are a vital part of engagement. Using attention-grabbing images or embedding a video will entice readers and website visitors to stay longer, look closer and remember you more vividly. High quality multimedia improves impact.

Creating content that makes meaningful connections is an exercise in embracing your strengths, knowing your customers well, and telling your story in a way that meets their needs.

When you do that, you’ll be building relationships that will reward you in greater visibility, credibility and bottom-line results.

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