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  • Social Networking, Retro Style
    The buzz words in the current marketing world are “social media” and “social networking.” Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the like are performing blitzkrieg on the ad world. I’m on the bandwagon, but there’s a fundamental problem there if we’re not careful. The focus is all wrong. It’s far too inward.
  • The Value of Value
    While the economy is showing slow but steady signs of improvement, the savings/discount mentality will be with us for the foreseeable future. In many cases, quality has taken a back seat to bargain versions of products and services. The most effective way to address this mindset is by educating customers on value.
  • Earn Your Client’s Business Every Day
    The loyalty and support of established clients ensure the continued success of the company to which they
    have entrusted their business. This principle is so obvious it is often overlooked. Our corporate responsibility
    therefore, is to safeguard the trust and confidence customers have placed in us by following some basic
  • A Company Blog Can Improve Your Ranking On Google
    Having a difficult time securing a strong ranking on Google for your prime search phrases?
  • Details, Details: Choosing The Right Font For Your Web Site
    Before you consider “Flash” and other web site bells and whistles, start with the
    basics… your font selection.

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