Take Your Logo From No-Go To Noteworthy

What’s in a logo? If done well, instant brand recognition and positive messages.

Coca-Cola. Harley-Davidson. Nike. Starbucks. When you think of well-known companies, you think of their logos. Brand-savvy graphic artists can translate thoughts about a business into an easily recognizable symbol that will help people instantly identify with it.

Equal parts style and statement, your unique logo should represent you in all your communication and marketing efforts. Even when a potential client or customer skims over a mailing, ad, or other printed piece without reading it carefully, your logo should register and make strong connections with people. The following guidelines and pointers can lift your logo to new levels of visibility and influence.

Keep it simple. A frequent mistake made by inexperienced marketers is to over-complicate or over-design. Simplicity has power. Less is definitely more.

Make it relevant. When you’re creating a logo, think about the appropriateness of the symbol or typefaces you use. For example, a city skyline will not work for a farming co-op. The Lego logo uses bright primary colors and a child-friendly font – ideal for its target audience.

Be memorable. Your logo is a visual depiction of what your company stands for. The logo will often only receive a quick look, so it needs to make a fast impression. Keep a singular focus and use one idea to make the design special.

Strive for longevity. While many logos will be updated over their lifetime, it’s wise to go with something which will not look dated in a couple of years. Avoid trendy fonts and graphics. The Coca-Cola logo is among the most recognized symbols and brands in the world, with a distinctive cursive script that hasn’t changed much over its long history.

When developed strategically, a logo will reinforce your brand and convey your image, values and culture on every business card, letter, memo, sign, shirt, vehicle or web page.

If your logo’s a no-go, have it redesigned to connect and communicate more impactfully. Make it a symbol that portrays all the right things about who you are and what you do and watch it deliver a meaningful message for many years to come.

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