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That’s Progress?

I miss the days when buying music was an event.   Years ago, going to the record store was my Saturday morning ritual.  Today I can buy and download an album in a few seconds, but I’ll never forget the excitement of driving home with a 12 inch vinyl encased in a fantastically illustrated sleeve.  What will we be wistful about in twenty years?

Social Networking, Retro Style

My 20-something daughter made an amazing discovery recently: vinyl records sound better than CDs. She even bought a turntable and loves it. Once in awhile, something old fashioned has an advantage over the latest invention. The buzz words in the current marketing world are “social media” and “social networking.” Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and the like are performing blitzkrieg on the ad world. I’m on the bandwagon, but there’s a fundamental problem there if we’re not…