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Marketing in a Down Economy: Stop Waiting and Start Winning

“Let’s hold off for now.” In an economy coping with high unemployment, low consumer confidence and a rollercoaster stock market, these words have become the mantra of many anxious marketers. No question about it – caution is the natural self-preservation response in tough economic times. But playing the waiting game is increasingly a strategy that results in forfeiting untapped opportunities. Think about it. As many companies continue to sit on the sidelines with a wait-and-see…

Get Plugged In | Newsletter

In our latest marketing newsletter, we address issues related to productivity and organization, building relationships with your clients and the benefits of web banner advertising. We’ve also included a fun advertising slogan match game. Contact us today to get your copy! In This Issue: Living In The Margin Creating A Connection With Your Clients It Pays To Be Organized Web Banner Advertising: It’s Not Just Pop-Ups Anymore! Who Said It?

Helping You Stay On The Road To Your Goals | Newsletter

In our latest marketing newsletter, we tackle issues related to goal setting, calls-to-action within your marketing and social check-in services. We also profile one of our team members, to give you the opportunity to learn more about AdServices. As with all of our newsletters, we try to provide you with advice and insights that can strengthen your business and help you generate bottom-line results. Contact us today to get your copy! In This Issue: Behavioral…

Everyone In Your Organization Works For the Marketing Department

By Bernie Diaz, AdServices A brand is the promise a firm must constantly fulfill in order to reinforce that organization’s positive image. One of marketing’s main functions is to communicate that promise to its target audience. But even with all the marketing tools at an organization’s disposal, including print and broadcast advertising, e-blasts, social media, etc., the greatest asset a firm must count on for brand success is its people.

Good Job!

Tips On Increasing Employee Morale “I love my job.” Think of the power of those words. For employees making that statement it is a comforting self-realization that they are in the right workplace. And for the employer listening to that affirmation, it is a proud acknowledgment that he or she has created a culture where associates are happy, fulfilled and motivated to succeed. As managers, if we truly care about the welfare and development of…

AdServices Receives a Gold Davey Award!

Your graphic designs can be done by an award-winning team… just choose AdServices.  We recently received a Gold Award in the 2010 Davey Awards competition.  The winning design was a logo for Atomic City Smoke-Off.  Congratulations to all team members involved in creating this outstanding design!

Behavioral Targeting Unplugged

The latest marketing buzz phrase is “behavioral targeting.”  This means that marketers have collected all types of data on people, including you, and are delivering specific messages to specific individuals. The most obvious place we experience this is online.  Visit a web site devoted to cooking, and you’ll see cooking ads.  Don’t be surprised if cooking ads then pop up when you’re visiting your local newspaper’s site.  They were watching.

Procedures And An Old Car

Processes and procedures can keep an organization running smoothly. They help us stay on track and focused in calm and chaotic times. Is it really that important, however, for a company to stick close to its procedures, or is good enough good enough? That question reminds me of my 1973 AMC Hornet.