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Give Your Ads Impeccable Timing The Geo-Targeting Way

As seemingly everyone goes about their daily lives with phone in hand, the old real estate adage that it’s all about “location, location, location” is now equally true about advertising. Enter geo-targeting where the real-world geographical location of a mobile device is identified through built-in smart technology, device ID and various other tracking methods. Geo-targeting can provide value for your audience and better performance for you. Here’s how: Strengthen Promotions. By knowing the demographics of…

Remarketing’s Friendly Reminders: Making Effective Sequels

Have you ever visited a website and later noticed each time you go online you see that company’s ads all over the web? It’s definitely not serendipity. It’s known as remarketing or retargeting and it has become an essential tactic in the digital marketing mix. The not-so-coincidental results of all these multiple ad sightings: You’ll strengthen brand recall and engagment, get multiple shots at conversion, and lower overall spending. Here are some pointers to make…

Trade Show Laws of Attraction: Tips For Drawing More Traffic To Your Booth.

A trade show is a chance to see and sell a high volume of people in a short amount of time. Organize your offerings in an appealing way, encourage prospects to interact with your booth, and provide informative take-away materials, and you’ll get the laws of attraction working in your favor. Here are some tips to give you that winning edge. Have The Look That Gets Them Looking. Attendees are drawn to visually-appealing booths. Use…

How To Deliver A Speech And Live To Tell About It

We’ve all heard the startling fact – public speaking tops the list of activities people fear most. Even if you never have to take the stage at something as huge as the Republican or Democratic Convention, the challenge of connecting with an audience and getting an enthusiastic response can trigger trepidation in the best of us. What does it take to deliver a presentation that’s engaging, informative and memorable? Here are some tips on giving…

Postcard Power: The Humble Direct Mail Piece That Still Hits Home

Pssst … pass it on: The old fashioned postcard is still a force to be reckoned with in this age of high-speed digital technology. Here at AdServices, we mailed close to 10 million postcards on behalf of our clients in 2011 alone. While each marketing medium has its strengths, the humble postcard remains a go-to performer for getting attention and results quickly and cost-effectively. After all, in an age of information overload, postcards are an…

Earn Your Client’s Business Every Day

Many of you may recall reading this article in the most recent AdServices newsletter. We have decided to feature it as our latest blog post, based on the importance of the topic. The loyalty and support of established clients ensure the continued success of the company to which they have entrusted their business. This principle is so obvious it is often overlooked. Our corporate responsibility therefore, is to safeguard the trust and confidence customers have…

Your Guide To Successful And Effective Business Presentations

You present to clients, supervisors and colleagues on a daily basis without even realizing it. Since you’re comfortable with what you’re going to say and to whom you’re saying it, you communicate clearly and confidently. In other words, you’re in control, which is the key to successful presentations, regardless of the size of your audience. Being in control of a presentation is easy, if these basic guidelines are followed.

They Won’t Buy If They Don’t Know… The Strategic Importance Of Advertising

Is your company the best kept secret in the marketplace? It shouldn’t be. Consider the following reasons why advertising must be a key component of your business plan. If You Advertise You Exist Your business will not move the sales needle if consumers don’t know you’re out there. Customers buy from companies they recognize, and that market presence is created through advertising. If you don’t advertise, you simply don’t exist.

More Marketing Tips… Right Around the Corner

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