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In Praise Of Print: It’s Still Making Headlines In The Digital Age

Is print a dying medium? With the dizzying rise of digital marketing, reports of its demise have become more common. Spoiler alert: Print is alive and well and living in the homes and hands of millions of potential customers. The power and relevance of print as an ad campaign component comes to light on several levels: Less Clutter With online marketing increasingly the prime focus for many businesses, an inviting void is left in print….

Your Story, Your Brochure

In a world of web sites, blogs and social media platforms, why bother having an old fashioned brochure? It’s all about telling your story. Directing prospective customers to your web site or urging them to visit you on Facebook are a big part of today’s connect-first-then-sell marketing approach. But a brochure has a vital role to play as well, putting your message in their hands with the credibility and presence of a printed piece that…

Read It And Rip: Why Newspaper Ads Still Deliver

  Though aggressively challenged by new technology, newspapers continue to be viable as a shopping medium for certain products and services aimed at specific demographics. Ever notice how car ads escape your attention until you’re looking for a car? Or mattress ads? Or air conditioner ads? But the moment you’re in the market for one of those items, it becomes the most fascinating topic of the day . . . and the part of the…

We’ve updated our portfolio!

We’ve added tons of new work to our portfolio section. Take a trip over and have a look at some of our recent work in print, web & outdoor media. Don’t forget to leave us a comment and let us know what you think! We looking forward to working with you and adding your project to our portfolio.