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Putting The Power In Your PowerPoint*

Have you ever heard the expression “Death by PowerPoint”? It’s the sinking feeling you get when stuck in a long, uninspired presentation with too many slides and not enough spark. In the right hands, PowerPoint can be a dynamic tool that enhances a talk and keeps an audience tracking along with slides that effectively reinforce key messages. To add the power you need to make your next PowerPoint more compelling, follow these golden rules that…

Your Guide To Successful And Effective Business Presentations

You present to clients, supervisors and colleagues on a daily basis without even realizing it. Since you’re comfortable with what you’re going to say and to whom you’re saying it, you communicate clearly and confidently. In other words, you’re in control, which is the key to successful presentations, regardless of the size of your audience. Being in control of a presentation is easy, if these basic guidelines are followed.