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For A Bigger Impact, Do The Little Things

Setting goals and standards. Implementing actions. Measuring results and making improvements. These are some of the major benchmarks of success in business and in life. But those who reach the highest peaks of personal and professional development consistently do countless little things each day, too. Here are some seemingly small ideas with big potential to bring more rewarding relationships and achievements your way. When you don’t know something, admit it and ask for more information….

The Positive Pain Of Growth

Most people have heard the phrase “growing pains.” It’s an interesting concept. Just about everyone wants to grow – professionally, health-related, in relationships, and in other ways. But pain… that’s not so attractive. The truth is that if we are going to grow in any area of life, we will experience pain. It’s a simple fact. There are many types of pain. Of course physical pain can be part of growth – just ask a…