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Four Factors To Weigh When Choosing A Marketing Firm.

Businesses looking for a company to help them achieve their marketing goals must often size up a substantial assortment of suitors. There’s no real shortcut to researching a potential marketing firm’s capabilities, professionalism, body of work, roster of contented clients, and price structure. That’s where hard work and diligent digging are indispensable. Once you’ve narrowed the field to the most promising candidates, however, there are a few key factors you should take into account before…

Behavioral Targeting Unplugged

The latest marketing buzz phrase is “behavioral targeting.”  This means that marketers have collected all types of data on people, including you, and are delivering specific messages to specific individuals. The most obvious place we experience this is online.  Visit a web site devoted to cooking, and you’ll see cooking ads.  Don’t be surprised if cooking ads then pop up when you’re visiting your local newspaper’s site.  They were watching.