Smart Move: Optimize Your Website For Mobile-Focused Marketing Success

With mobile overtaking desktop traffic last year in 10 different countries, staying in step with your smartphone-connected customers is more important than ever.

Responsive web design is the new standard for mobile-friendly marketing, rearranging the way in which information is displayed depending on the device that’s being used. A responsive site gets information about the device that’s accessing it, reacts to the platform, and then adapts the way in which content is displayed to accommodate it.

While having your site redesigned to be responsive is an investment worth making, here are steps you can take right now to make the process easier.

Keep it Simple – If it’s not already clean and simple, optimize your website so that it is, including the HTML coding. It will make the work of switching over to a responsive site a lot easier. In the meantime, your streamlined content will appear more readily on mobile devices.

Make the Layout Flexible – Use columns to organize your information, and then set the width to relative – as opposed to fixed – to ensure that everything moves around the screen as needed to be viewable. This fluid layout design will make your site look much better on mobile devices.

Define Breakpoints – Your content should have logical breakpoints that coincide with the screens on which visitors to your site are viewing it. There are six major breakpoints for today’s most common screen resolutions, including those of first-generation smartphones, the latest smartphones and tablets, and various desktop computer monitors. Keep these points in mind to ensure that your site looks great on mobile.

Omit Non-Essential Content – To make mobile viewing as efficient as possible, focus on one topic per page. As tempted as you may be to include additional, secondary information, keep in mind that people using mobile are usually on the go and prefer pages that get to the point and stick to it.

The mobile revolution plows full speed ahead. If you don’t already have a responsive website, consider the benefits of making an upgrade that gets you up to speed with more people on the move. Implement the tips outlined above and you’ll be on your way to creating a faster, leaner site that cuts to the chase with concise content and simple navigation that puts you and your business a quick click away.