Six Golden Rules Of Good Copywriting

While the channels of communication keep evolving – digital, social, mobile, etc. – the goal of advertising copy hasn’t wavered: Convey ideas and information about a product or service that are of value to your audience. To deliver meaningful messages in a clear, compelling way, most successful copywriters follow these golden rules.

Golden Rule #1: Create a strong headline.
Five times as many people read a headline as read the body copy so invest quality time in an attention-getting message. Try to work in a customer benefit and something catchy that makes people want to read on.

Golden Rule #2 : Make your copy engaging.
Write your copy as if you were talking to real people with an interest in what you have to offer. Tell a story, be conversational, and make a connection by speaking their language.

Golden Rule #3: Get to the point.
Your customers want to know what’s in it for them, so don’t waste time with irrelevant details that get in the way. Research indicates that readership drops rapidly in the first 50 words of copy, so make your move before they move on.

Golden Rule #4: Keep a singular focus.
What’s the primary benefit you want to relay to your customer? Copy that tries to cover too much ground and pack in too many sales points can be confusing. Remove all obstacles to getting one main selling idea across and you’ll be doing yourself and your audience a favor.

Golden Rule #5:  Tell the truth.
Avoid superlatives and hype. You can’t say your product is number one unless there’s credible data that ranks it ahead of competing products. Truth must be the top standard in your advertising or you’ll risk your reputation and the trust of prospects.

Golden Rule #6: Use a call to action.
You’ve grabbed their attention, sparked their interest, and fueled their enthusiasm. Now it’s time to provide clear instruction on what you want prospects to do next. If it’s to buy a product, tell them where to find it. If you want to generate sales leads, tell them to call for more information. If you want them to visit your website, make the address prominent.

Keep these rules in mind and you’ll be on the fast track to crafting advertising messages that create greater awareness, response and results. And when more and more prospects read, remember and act, you’ll know you’ve hit copywriting gold.

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