Resolutions 2013

Stray Thoughts: Reflections From The Lighter Side Of AdServices

Just as the best car models are re-introduced each year with new features and design modifications, I look for opportunities to make a few changes in my life that will send me out into the world a sleeker, smarter, more fuel-efficient member of society. Here’s how I’m planning to put my foot on the gas pedal and make 2013 my best year ever.

Resolution # 1: I will stop making contrived, awkward analogies, such as comparing my self-improvement plans to the design enhancements of a new car. It’s a shameful, repulsive habit, and it must end now.

Resolution # 2: I will think big thoughts, but relish small pleasures. Big Thought: I must build a body of work that will reach across time and space and enrich people’s lives long after I’m gone. Small pleasure: Mmmm, sweet potato fries.

Resolution # 3: I will strive to live my life according to the three Rs: Respect for self; Respect for others; Random acts of kindness carried out Regularly. (Okay, that may actually be a total of four Rs, so I’ll shoot for all of them and consider three out of four a successful campaign.)

Happy New Year everyone! Give it your best. Count your blessings. Don’t sweat the small stuff. And remember that the main thing is to always keep the main thing the main thing. Which reminds me of one final pledge:

Resolution # 4: When my attempts to sound philosophically advanced result in pretentious babble about “keeping the main thing the main thing,” I will wisely shut up.

Alan Williamson
Senior Copywriter
AdServices Inc.


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