Remarketing’s Friendly Reminders: Making Effective Sequels

Have you ever visited a website and later noticed each time you go online you see that company’s ads all over the web? It’s definitely not serendipity. It’s known as remarketing or retargeting and it has become an essential tactic in the digital marketing mix.

The not-so-coincidental results of all these multiple ad sightings: You’ll strengthen brand recall and engagment, get multiple shots at conversion, and lower overall spending.

Here are some pointers to make your remarketing efforts more productive:

Jog Their Memory. A good remarketing ad makes prospects remember the first time they learned about you. Use eye-catching design, compelling copy and large clickable buttons to re-connect with them – just be sure to preserve your brand personality.

Use Multiple Outlets. Choosing one specific media outlet for a remarketing campaign limits exposure. Most consumers don’t stick to one, so neither should you. To have a better chance of catching prospects where they are, consider spreading out across a variety of platforms, including display, banner, Facebook and mobile.

Manage Visibility. A 2018 Pew Research Center survey reported that the majority of Internet users visit their favorite sites with great frequency. That repetitive pattern signals the need to exercise some restraint in remarketing ad frequency. The goal is for people to see your ads often enough to reinforce your brand, but not so much that they’re a nuisance.

Focus On Shopping Cart And Conversion Bailouts. Bounced traffic from shopping carts and lead generating pages like webinars and whitepapers suggests a deeper level of visitor interest. Focus more attention on this warmer traffic by adjusting your remarketing bid strategy to remind those lost leads to come back and finish what they started.

Offer Coupon Codes And Discounts. Remarketing with a coupon code or discount offer can turn an ambivalent shopping cart user into an appreciative repeat visitor ready to buy. The incentive can make price-driven comparison shoppers jump back into your sales funnel with renewed interest while you increase brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Use these tips to re-enlist past website visitors with relevant messages designed to reach them in a more receptive mood. By carefully crafting your campaign and tracking what’s working and what’s not, you’ll greatly improve your chances to engage and convert the second time around.

Who says sequels can’t be better than the originals?

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