Rediscovering The Excellence Of E-Mail Marketing

Savvy marketers recognize the validity of social media as a highly productive internet marketing tool. However, let’s also remember that e-mail continues to remain a powerful results-oriented platform that can increase sales and drive traffic to your web site or Facebook page.

While the consumers who visit your web site have some interest in your product or service, the majority of them will not make an immediate purchase. But if you can offer these visitors something of value that is absolutely free, in exchange for their names and e-mail addresses, you’ve just created a whole new database of leads. Now capitalize on this initiative by sending these potential prospects e-mails they will find helpful and informative on a regular basis and brand yourself as an expert in the industry that you serve.

The fact is that e-mailing is still the most popular and effective medium for sharing information online. According to a recent consumer study conducted by sharethis.com

  • 46 percent said they share information via e-mail
  • 33 percent said they share information via Facebook
  • 14.5 percent said they use other channels to share information
  • 6 percent said they share information via Twitter

Your e-mail program and web site are the foundations of your internet marketing. We recommend that you maintain and even strengthen these efforts for the rest of the year.

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