Read It And Rip: Why Newspaper Ads Still Deliver


Though aggressively challenged by new technology, newspapers continue to be viable as a shopping medium for certain products and services aimed at specific demographics.

Ever notice how car ads escape your attention until you’re looking for a car? Or mattress ads? Or air conditioner ads? But the moment you’re in the market for one of those items, it becomes the most fascinating topic of the day . . . and the part of the newspaper you turn to and tear out for handy reference.

It’s easy to overlook the value of newspaper advertising in our point-and-click digital world. But for small businesses that need to get quick results on a tight budget, the medium has distinct benefits.

  • Newspapers offer a wide range of cost options, depending on the size and placement of your ad.
  • There’s a high degree of flexibility, enabling you to make changes up to a few days before the ad is scheduled to run.
  • You can target the people you want to reach by choosing a paper that covers their world – from metropolitan and suburban editions, to campus, ethnic, and alternative publications.

By all means, take full advantage of digital media’s many marketing strengths, but don’t snooze and lose. You can still seize the day with a newspaper ad that puts a timely message at your prospects’ fingertips and sends them running to your business or website.

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