Putting The Power Of Teamwork In Play

“Great teamwork is the only way we create the breakthroughs that define our careers.”
– Pat Riley

From sports to government to business, when people pool their talents to reach a common goal, teamwork is the engine that sparks big breakthroughs and exceptional results. In small companies and large organizations, it can strengthen trust between management and employees, open doors that once were closed, and create a freer flow of information at all levels of an operation. Try these team-oriented tips to tap more of the power that drives productivity, innovation and morale.

Recruit from within.
By bringing employees from different departments or areas together into one team, strategies can often take shape more efficiently. For example, a business might use this method when designing its website, organizing a multi-disciplinary team to ensure that the structure and content of the site will reflect a more complete picture of the organizational culture, its products and services, and the needs of its target audience.

Set team goals.
Employ timelines, plans and written objectives that clearly define current and future goals. It will fortify efforts to stay on track and make consistent strides along a well-lit path.

Nurture creativity.
Empower team members to brainstorm in an open, non-judgmental framework that embraces all ideas and viewpoints. Comments such as “that will never work” and “bad idea” are not part of the process.

Choose a channel.
Using multiple modes of communication such as email, text, and intranet can be counterproductive to successful team collaboration. Too many chances to miss messages or lose the thread of discussion. Get a group consensus on a channel of choice then use it exclusively to communicate going forward.

Execute good ideas.
Thinking things through on a strategic level is hard work. When your team finds a fresh solution to a problem or a novel way to capitalize on an opportunity, make sure the proposal sees the light of day whenever possible. Watching good ideas get implemented is energizing. Witnessing a failure to launch can be deflating.

As you enrich the pool of your knowledge and the impact of each action with collaborative efforts, your organization will be poised to enjoy new benchmarks of performance. The shared rewards of responsibility, participation and achievement will bring greater satisfaction to all involved.

With teamwork in the game plan, everyone wins.

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