Put Your Advertising On The Campaign Trail

Just like political candidates crusading to win the hearts and minds of voters, developing an ad campaign that’s persuasive and powerful can be a potent tool for moving your audience to action. While a creative approach can capture the cultural consciousness, it takes more than a bold idea to break through and produce winning results.

Talk the Talk of Your Target Audience. If you want to appeal to people who prefer a bed and breakfast to a chain motel, your ads should describe “local charm and personal attention,” not “high speed Internet and easy access to the expressway.” Creating generic ads that don’t speak the language or grab the attention of your potential customers is a common mistake leading to missed connections and subpar results. Know your market niche and preach to the choir.

Promote Your Competitive Edge. A clever ad isn’t worth much if it neglects to sell the benefits of your product or service. Remember – getting attention is only half the battle. If what your company does increases productivity and reduces downtime, make sure you say it loud and clear. If you offer something of high quality for less money than your competitors, make that value proposition a central theme in all your ads.

Promoting your competitive edge is one of the keys to creating a successful campaign that keeps working hard and reinforcing your core messages and brand over the long haul.

Make Sure Your Campaign Is Relevant. The purpose of an ad campaign is to consistently communicate ideas and information that are of value to someone. Going on about yourself or your accomplishments is a self-indulgent waste of time when what your audience members really care about is what they need or want. Stay relevant by uncovering the reasons why prospects would want to buy what you’re offering and place emphasis on how they will come out ahead by going with you.

Always Include a Payoff. Your ads may be works of creative brilliance or objects of breathtaking beauty, but if they fail to deliver readers to some kind of payoff, you’ve missed your opportunity to capitalize on your investment. Whether it’s a call to action that drives someone to your website for more information, a phone number to place an order, or simply a prominent logo placement that registers or reinforces your brand, keep your eye on the goal and follow through with a clear statement in words or images of how you want your audience to respond.

Follow these campaign strategies and you’ll have the inside track for creating ads that stay hot on the trail of new leads and sales.

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