Power Words For Persuasive Advertising

Words that sell are the charismatic characters of the English language, flashing an irresistible appeal that draws us in and piques our curiosity. Here are seven worth their weight in advertising gold.

Now. In this age of instant gratification, the word now is more important than ever. It has power, especially when paired with an additional incentive. For example, “Call now and get free shipping and a special gift!”

New. The urge for something new never gets old. We want new phones, new cars, new clothes, new shoes. If you can advertise your product as something new – or a new model with added features – you’ll be tapping into a potent part of consumer behavior and human nature.

Easy. Complicated is common. Easy is elusive. Anything that makes someone’s life simpler is bound to score big points. If you can reduce stress with a user-friendly alternative, hit the word easy pretty hard … and make what you offer effortless to attain.

Save. Rich, poor or somewhere in between, everyone likes to get a deal. If you can legitimately promise to save someone money, it should be a centerpiece of your ad or promotion. Just be careful to keep your brand identity in mind and make sure deep discounts don’t cheapen your image.

Discover. No one wants to miss out on something exciting. The word discover works well in engaging our sense of adventure and prodding us to explore a message further. It stirs those feelings of wonder that make us more apt to investigate and experiment.

Results. The word results comes with the reassurance that someone or something has delivered on a promise. When you can point to results and substantiate your claim, you gain a trust that helps prospects overcome their skepticism.

You. Who me? Yes, you! It’s the word that creates a personal connection, sustains attention, and makes a message or story more relevant and meaningful. If it’s not about you, let’s face it – it’s a lot less interesting. The same holds true for each and every one of your potential customers.

Employ these seven words strategically and you’ll have the power to push your prospects’ emotional buttons with new intensity and influence. Use as needed for generating leads and sales.

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