The Power of Companality®

How Building Your Culture Can Transform Your Company’s Future

Do you have a winning Companality®?

Before you answer, let’s bring the concept quickly into focus.

Just as every person has a personality, so every company or organization has a Companality. In fact, whole organizations, even those operating in multiple locations over a wide geography, are uncanny in the consistency of their Companality.

McDonald’s. Starbucks. Target. Hilton Hotels. Whether it’s the one near your home, on the other side of town, or across the country, a very predictable encounter awaits you. The same holds true with local businesses – restaurants, auto repair shops, hair salons, insurance agencies. For better or worse, they provide amazingly similar experiences, no matter the day, transaction or employee.

Companality is organizational culture that greatly influences your success or failure in achieving long-term goals. It’s a powerful force that:

  • Determines the customer experience
  • Affects the type of customer/patron the organization attracts
  • Establishes team morale and productivity
  • Dictates the type of team member the organization attracts
  • Creates the organization’s reputation

The culture within any organization has either been intentionally developed, or has come about through other factors. Usually, those cultures that have not been carefully planned and built are not beneficial.

Making The Companality Commitment

Managers and leaders have two choices:

  1. Keep the Companality they have and leave the future to chance.
  2. Intentionally develop a culture that aligns with a well-defined vision and leads to a desired outcome.

With a commitment to Companality, drawing the right people to your organization goes from hit-or-miss to a well-orchestrated casting call for talent. If there is a main catalyst for giving organizational cultures distinct appeal and enduring staying power, it’s people. Their skill and experience. Their pride and personality. A team is only as strong as its players. With Companality as part of the hiring process, every player is cast in a starring role.

With Companality in the game plan, the team you field has an extraordinary capacity to attract the customers you want. As employees discover the energizing effect of contributing to a corporate culture that suits their values and abilities and recognizes their efforts, they bring their best to work every day. By sharing their talent, passion and personalities, they provide a positive customer experience that sets you apart from other organizations. And each great experience inspires more of the same, building a reputation that serves you well through changing times.

This idyllic picture doesn’t become reality overnight. It comes as an evolving, step-by-step execution of a vision to stand for something, set a course, and accomplish a mission. It’s an approach driven by intention and powered by the participation of people who believe and embrace what you represent.

It all starts with an awareness of the make-or-break power of organizational culture, then a commitment to use Companality to your advantage. With the right guidance and a little patience, the impact on your future success will be transformational.

Developing intentional organizational culture can be a much easier process with a bit of outside help from someone who understands. For customized consulting that can bring the right Companality to your organization, visit www.companality.com, or send an e-mail to s.fales@companality.com.

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