Perk Up Your Marketing With A Motion Graphics Video

With people spending more time than ever watching videos online, harnessing the power of motion graphics can be a simple, cost-effective tactic to capture their attention. By combining the storytelling appeal of motion, words and graphic design, you can bring key messages to life and add promotional punch to your marketing on the web, at presentations, on TV, and across social media channels.

To drive click-throughs and boost your ROI, follow these best practices for maximum motion graphic impact.

Make it engagingly simple. Motion graphics videos let you communicate what your business does in a way that quickly connects with viewers.  This is your opportunity to convey your story in a refreshingly uncomplicated style, drawing in appreciative prospects who want their information in bite-size segments.

When planning a motion graphics video, it is important to have a detailed and well thought out outline or storyboard to set the tone for the elements your project team will create. When the story builds on a foundation of relevant information, striking imagery and compelling music, you’ll increase the wow factor and your audience’s ability to understand and retain messages.

Make it easy to find. Along with uploading your motion graphics video to YouTube, consider adding it to your website on an individual page or as a blog post. Put a short description with the video and then share it on your social media platforms, in e-blasts – even as a link in your email signature. You created it to reach people, so make sure they have no trouble finding it.

Make it sharable. Upload your video to YouTube and ask your viewers to share it on their site. Encourage your Facebook Friends and Twitter Followers to share the information as well. By making your motion graphics video shareable, you’re creating an opportunity to get links back to your site. And the more links you get from quality sites, the better your page will rank for SEO.

To grab attention, spark interest, and communicate information memorably, few mediums can match the power and simplicity of motion graphics videos. And while your marketing messages are jumping off the screen, you’ll be increasing customer comprehension, conversion rates, web hits and SEO strength.

Click below to view AdServices’ motion graphics video “A Show Of Support.”

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