Pain Relievers Of The Human Kind

There was a day when a person with a headache had two choices: take aspirin or tough it out. Non-prescription pain reliever options were pretty limited. Then came buffered aspirin, powders, pills that claimed to know right where it hurt, and more. The floodgates opened. Today there are scores of these remedies, accounting for $13.9 billion in sales in 2007, according to researchandmarkets.com.

Pain relief is big business. And that’s true of consumers and companies as well as backs and foreheads. Find out how to relieve your customer’s pains. You’ll be successful in any economy.

There’s an absolutely brilliant (in my estimation) billboard that I pass on my way to the office. It’s for a hospital Emergency Room. The board contains a digital display labeled “Current Wait Time,” that shows a number of minutes. I’ve seen it read from 1 to 24. Here’s a marketer that understands people’s pain – the perception that when we go to the ER, we have to wait for hours – and has addressed it.

What keeps your prospects awake nights? Why might they typically dread doing business with your industry? When they do contact you or a competitor, what was the driver that got them to take action? Figure out the answers to these questions; make yourself or your company the pain reliever; get the word out; and listen to the phone ring.

When I need to spend money, I’m going to select a company that understands my hurts and how to relieve them. And if I should break my arm one day (heaven forbid), I’m not sure which of the many pain relievers I’ll take, but I do know where I’ll go to the ER. Why waste time, even with a broken arm?

Expecting great things,

Steve Fales
AdServices Inc.

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