One That Got Away

Stray Thoughts: Reflections From The Lighter Side Of AdServices

The customer is always right. So figure out what they want and spare no effort to give it to them.
And whatever you do, don’t monkey around … or you may get a letter like the following.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Please cancel my subscription
to your Monkey Island News.
I’m not a fan of monkeys,
and I don’t embrace their views.

I don’t remember how this started,
but I cannot keep it up.
I will return the monkey tote bag
and the monkey coffee cup.

I am clueless to your purpose,
and perplexed about your niche.
Why a magazine for monkeys?
It’s like a scratch without an itch.

You talk about bananas
and the jungles of Peru.
You even have a column –
“Monkey See and Monkey Do.”

I find your ads offensive
and your articles obtuse.
You show humans kept in cages
with the monkeys running loose.

It’s not about the money,
you can keep the balance due.
Just take me off of Monkey Island …

Very truly yours,


Alan Williamson
Senior Copywriter
AdServices Inc.

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