Motivation Makes The (Ad) World Go Round

People purchase products or services for all kinds of reasons. Someone may buy a watch for the practical purpose of having a reliable way to know the time. But the owner of a Rolex or Movado is looking for more than just a means to track the hours – he or she values prestige and status as well. So too, the owner of a hybrid Prius has a different set of priorities than someone who drives a sporty Mustang or a luxury Lexus.

Before you write any ad or marketing copy, it’s an indispensable reality check to consider the reasons someone might want to buy your product or service. To help you focus on who you’re targeting and why, here is a list of 15 top motivators people have for making purchases.

  1. To save time.
  2. To save money.
  3. To make money.
  4. To be secure.
  5. To be comfortable.
  6. To be attractive.
  7. To be healthy.
  8. To be happy.
  9. To have fun.
  10. To be liked.
  11. To feel important.
  12. To gain knowledge.
  13. For convenience.
  14. Out of fear.
  15. Out of feelings of guilt.

As you scan through the list, think about the things we buy and why. We invest in gym memberships to become fitter and look better. We buy new air conditioners to be more comfortable and save money on energy. We purchase insurance to have security and peace of mind. Some of us get a motorcycle to experience a feeling of adventure and freedom.

When you really hone in, you’ll be able to tap into the motivation that moves people to action. What’s more, you’ll hold the key to consistently creating advertising and marketing copy that sells!

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