Marketing Facts To Fuel Strong Strategies

There’s a lot of advice out there about how to harness the power of marketing to engage prospects and build bottom-line results. Fortunately, there’s also a growing body of solid information on what works and what doesn’t. Here are some fact-based trends and tactics to keep in mind as you plan marketing strategies that send a steady stream of customers to your business.

  • Website visitors who are retargeted (shown ads elsewhere online after leaving a site) are 70% more likely to convert to buyers.
  • A growing percentage of online traffic comes from mobile devices. In accommodating an audience on the move, concise content and simple navigation are a plus.
  • Keeping your online brand identity consistent builds customer recognition and recall. Your Facebook Page, Twitter account, website, etc. should have the same color palette, look and feel.
  • Open space in an ad can stop people in their tracks. Cluttered content can make them move on. You can do more with less.
  • Landing pages perform better when an image is included with the offer.
  • Effective ads get right to the point. Arrest your audience’s attention in the first five seconds and your odds of getting through go way up.
  • Ads that move customers to action do three things well: spark their interest, speak their language, and make it easy for them to take the next step.
  • Five times as many people read a headline as read body copy. Keep headlines clear, snappy and relevant for maximum engagement.
  • Marketing is no longer about the things you sell, but about the stories you tell. Instead of talking in sales speak, successful marketers create content that conveys their unique qualities in a distinctive voice.
  • Effective content marketing builds trust in a company by delivering valuable information and insights. The more you consistently educate, entertain, and empower your audience, the more likely you’ll earn their loyalty.

Where you are now and where you want to go are the two most important considerations in creating your marketing strategy. The key is to focus your efforts where they can have the most impact and advertise the benefits of products and services to the people who care. And that’s a fact as timeless as they come.

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