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Stray Thoughts: Reflections From The Lighter Side of AdServices

We’ve all seen it … or heard it. It happens with such staggering regularity that it’s almost impossible to miss.

No, I’m not referring to the relentless overuse of the word “awesome” to describe any and all positive experiences. I’m talking about awesome’s clichéd cousin from the advertising world that ends messages with the worn out words “one at a time.”

Here are some examples, slightly fictionalized to protect the innocent:

Tackling Dehydration … One Bottle Of Water At A Time.

Stopping Spammers … One Email At A Time.

Battling Bad Breath … One Mouth-Tingling Mint At A Time.

Fighting High Gas Prices … One Fair Weather Bike Ride At A Time.

Sound familiar? That’s the point. What started out as a catchy way to convey commitment to a cause has now become the done-to-death mantra of misguided marketers everywhere.

Who’s at fault here? It’s hard to say for sure. But in many cases, I’m guessing the creators of these stale slogans were enabled by equally misguided associates, friends or loved ones who read them and said “This is awesome. You nailed it!”

Let’s retire this ragged retread … one freshly-crafted message at a time.

Alan Williamson
Senior Copywriter
AdServices Inc.



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