Listen Up! Radio Is A Marketing Vehicle That Keeps On Playing

While its demise has been predicted ever since the invention of television, radio, the oldest electronic medium, plays on. In fact, in a world of new digital media options, it continues to have a marketing impact that coexists nicely with the latest innovations and trends.

So how does old-school radio still fit the modern marketing mix of many advertisers? By delivering timeless benefits well-suited to the medium.

Immediacy. Many listeners are in their cars when they hear radio ads, and more attentive to announcements with a sense of urgency about now-or-never opportunities. Radio also has the ability to relay immediate messages in support of advertising in other media. For example, your spot can say, “See our ad in Sunday’s paper” or “Check your mail for our buy-a-dinner, get-a-dinner-free coupon.”

Targeting local audiences. Radio has reaching the right local audience with a time sensitive message down to a science. Auditing services provide demographic research to help you determine whether a station attracts those who fit the age, gender and lifestyle of your prospect.  You can target your buys based on geographics, listener profile, time of day and program format.

Tapping into the theater of the mind.  Free of the distractions of images or visual effects, radio commercials have an extraordinary capacity to capture an audience’s imagination. A creative, well-produced spot can draw listeners in, form vivid pictures in their minds, and crisply explain a need and solution with a sense of urgency that gets them to act.

Your key to success in radio advertising is to make sure that you target the right audience and give them a strong benefit and clear call to action. Choose your message, programming genre and air times carefully, and this tried and true fixture of broadcasting can deliver results with all the power and persuasion of the latest digital marketing tools.

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