Keep Customers In Your Orbit

“What’s the big idea?” That’s the holy grail of many a brainstorming session designed to help businesses attract more customers and gain a boost in sales. But sometimes the best promotional ideas are the proven ones carried out with careful execution and timing. Consider these tried-and-true tactics for getting on your customers’ radar screens and driving additional traffic.

Hold a contest – Offer to automatically enter your customers into a contest. You could also donate your product as the prize for one being held by another business. Either way, make sure the contest revolves around you and your product.

Bundle products or services together – Package poorer performers with your more popular offerings. Giving customers more for less encourages them to buy while reviving stagnant inventory.

Offer coupons – Coupons can be advertised in retail books or mail packets, as well as on bulletin boards in high traffic areas. You can add them to any marketing collateral you distribute, such as postcards or flyers, and put them on your social media platforms and website, too.

Create a jingle – Have a catchy tune professionally composed – it may wind up getting stuck in people’s heads as they listen to your radio, TV or YouTube advertising.

Put business cards to work – Always carry business cards with you and give them to anyone who might want to contact you. Give customers extra cards with the incentive of a free service or discount when they refer someone they know to your business.

Use your voicemail – Your voicemail message is a convenient marketing opportunity to offer special discounts or mention new products. You may even want to consider hiring a professional voiceover artist to record your message.

Add to your e-mail signature – Don’t forget to put your website along with a short tagline or key message in your e-mail signature. You’ll promote your business with every e-mail you send.

Put on a demonstration – Harness the power of show and tell – demo your product for free at a store, tradeshow or event.

Write special reports, papers or an e-book – Electronic publications on topics that tie into your area of expertise can be offered as an incentive to people who come to your website and provide their e-mail addresses.

Send out a press release – A press release is an excellent way to highlight new products, services or company developments. Whenever possible, include employee quotes and images of what you are promoting – both will score points with editors and publishers.

Keeping top of mind with your customers and drawing their engagement and investment takes a steady flow of marketing ideas. While that may sound daunting, it doesn’t have to be. Instead of waiting for some big mental light bulb to go off, just get moving with a simple, success-prone assortment of promotional motivators and watch your sales and revenue build.


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