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Not every hacked webpage that cripples a business makes headlines. And sadly, such hacks are often preventable, as out-of-date plugins and lack of quality security are usually how hackers gain access to a website.

The problems stem from companies neglecting their sites. That’s why business owners turn to website maintenance programs, such as the AdServices Web Watcher plan.

Here are five good reasons for ensuring that your website is up to date and secure:

  1. To protect confidential client information
  2. To avoid the financial costs of cleaning up the mess after an attack
  3. To save the time it would take to get your website back up and running
  4. To protect the reputation of your brand
  5. To allow yourself the freedom to focus on other facets of your business

The consequences of a site being compromised can be devastating. Website maintenance plans like Web Watcher are designed to eliminate the headaches and serious damage a hacker might cause.

Here’s how Web Watcher can help:

  • It ensures that your site has the latest security
  • It keeps the website’s plugins up to date
  • It provides current WordPress core software versions
  • It includes website archiving
  • It makes value-added services available, such as e-mail cleanup

Hackers are steadily probing security features and plugins for exploitable holes, while developers are constantly rolling out patches, which are essential to prevent hackers from wreaking havoc. If you’re not regularly maintaining your site with a program like Web Watcher, it could be vulnerable.

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