Is It Time For A Marketing Tune-Up?

If you feel that your firm’s marketing program may not be running at peak performance, the solution could be as simple as going back to the basics. Ask yourself these questions…

Does your organization have an exclusive story to tell that helps it stand out from the competition?
This is the classic Unique Selling Proposition principle of marketing. Basically defined, you must highlight the distinct benefits offered by your product or service in order to compel consumers to make a purchase.

Does your organization employ a team of goodwill ambassadors who have a passion for the establishment’s culture, philosophy and the product or service it sells?
Every one of your employees works for the marketing department. Their enthusiasm, dedication and courtesy must be strikingly evident to every customer or prospect who calls on the phone or walks through the door. And remember, as we mentioned in a previous blog article, it starts at the top.

Does your organization understand its true core business from a consumer’s perspective?
Southwest Airlines doesn’t sell seats on planes, it is in the business of providing people with a safe, fun and memorable way to get to their destinations. Take a step back from the technical definition of your product or service and identify the customer benefit(s) you provide.

Does your organization understand the lifetime value of a loyal customer?
Customers keep the doors open. From a tactical perspective, you owe them solutions, dedication, exceptional service and quick response. Dig deeper and become students of their industries so you can forge valuable strategic marketing alliances.

Does your organization and team strive to make a difference in your community where your customers live and work?
Being a good corporate citizen is a privilege and responsibility. Commit your business to effect positive change and distinguish yourself as a community minded enterprise.

Does your organization have a face – a personality, CEO, president or owner to whom customers can relate or who they can readily access?
You are the leader of the very competent staff that deserves the trust and confidence of your customers. But if clients know that they can also count on your personal attention, you’ve added that extra dimension of service and level of comfort that may very well differentiate you from the competition.

While everyone loves first impressions, does your organization enjoy an everlasting positive image with customers that continues to create pleasant experiences and encourages repeat business?
One of the many crucial functions of marketing is the perpetuation of that positive image which encourages the repeat business that is key to a company’s survival.

You are certainly to be congratulated if you answered “yes” to all of the above questions. If you’ve identified some necessary retooling, however, proceed full speed ahead and have your firm’s marketing running like a well oiled machine.

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