Insights – Talking The Talk That Gets Content Read

Content is king for modern day marketers, but what good is that if your messages don’t rally your followers?

The answer is another “C” word – conversation. People enjoy reading clear, easy-to-understand writing. The simplest, clearest style is to write the way you talk.

This is especially important in marketing, where content is an economical stand-in for a salesperson. A light, conversational style is much easier to read than stuffy, formal prose.

So how do you connect with warmth, authenticity and humanity? Here are some tips for keeping it real.

  • Imagine yourself speaking to a person instead of writing. Would you say, “This car has sufficient acceleration” or “This car really takes off”?
  • Use slang expressions such as goof off, pop in, and kick back. Their everyday flavor can help strike a chord of familiarity with readers.
  • Eliminate technical jargon, unnecessary words, redundancies and run-on sentences. You’d risk annoying people by rambling on in person, so don’t do it in your written content.
  • Know your audience and what’s important to them, then speak their language and appeal to their interests.
  • Use less formal contractions where you can – you’re, they’re, we’ve, I’m.
  • Pepper your content with pronouns – I, we, you, they.
  • Use a simpler word wherever possible – help instead of assist, buy instead of purchase, get instead of obtain.

While these choices may seem minor when viewed separately, their cumulative impact creates a conversational tone that increases clarity and reduces confusion.

When all is said and done, talking the talk that gets read comes down to one irrefutable fact: When you write simply and make your message easy to digest, you become the reader’s friend. When you write pretentiously and make comprehension a challenge, you become a royal bore.

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