Insights – Optimizing Digital Lead Generation

Harnessing the latest digital marketing techniques to drive traffic to your website isn’t just a useful habit – it’s a survival skill. The boost in conversions and sales your business needs starts with generating qualified leads that produce a higher percentage of paying customers.

Here are four tactics designed to get your sales pipeline flowing.

Update Keywords. Monitoring the keywords your competitors are using to generate traffic is always time well spent. Keywords that are working for them can often be adopted to optimize your content and give your website a rise in the rankings. Developing a data-driven lead generation campaign that identifies the exact keywords and phrases used for targeted organic search, social media and pay per click can send your search visibility to unprecedented heights.

Audience-Specific Content. A generic landing page isn’t targeted enough to make the productive connections with your prospects that attract attention and inspire buy-in. By providing audience-specific content, you’ll be telling relevant, compelling stories that will get embraced by customers and noticed by search engines.

Be Mobile Friendly. Google shows preference to websites that are mobile friendly and penalizes those that miss the mark. Just as critical, if your website doesn’t provide a smooth experience on smartphones, it can prompt a mass exodus of potential customers. Your best move is to do a full website review. If your site needs updating, have your web developer use the latest responsive design technology, which adapts automatically to any size screen or device.

Add A Blog. Website visitors are hungry for information and if what they find doesn’t satisfy their curiosity, they’ll search elsewhere. Creating a blog provides a robust platform to offer in-demand content and talk about topics in greater detail. You can enrich posts with keywords that appeal to customers by specific interest and location and use any feedback you get to finetune your products, services or marketing messages.

Digital marketing that delivers consistent results involves various tools, tactics and strategies. To optimize your success, start with these proven pointers and learn about other lead generation opportunities that can drive more website traffic your way.

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