Insights – “Hike Your Like” On Social Media

Developing a social media presence that nurtures relationships for your business takes time and effort. At the heart of every well-built platform is the likability you earn by providing your audience with an appealing, frustration-free experience.

Here are some “hike your like” tips for posting.

  1. Cater to your customers. Post content your core customers will appreciate. If you’re an arts and crafts retailer, feature new project ideas, tips and techniques. If you run a heath club, provide fresh workout routines or diet plans. Follow the 80/20 rule – make at least 80% of your content non-promotional and 20 percent or less about your business, products or services.
  2. Be original. Let your brand personality shine and show people why you’re not interchangeable with the competition. When your success depends on being trusted by followers/customers, originality is essential. And remember: enthusiasm is contagious. Share your excitement about what you do and watch your followers get caught up in it.
  3. Manage your posting frequency. Being active is important, but don’t post so often that you irritate people. Too much information can cause your followers to shut you out or overlook posts within their newsfeeds.
  4. Don’t be spammy. Whether via email or social media, spam is a unanimous turnoff. If you are posting the same information again and again and badgering your followers, you risk alienating the very people you’ve worked so hard to win over.
  5. Address comments. Timely engagement of your customers is crucial. Neglect them and they may understandably conclude that you don’t care about their concerns. Use comments as a chance to connect with your followers and address both positive and negative situations.
  6. Abstain from automation. If it sounds like a computer is speaking, you lose the personal touch. Take time to humanize your brand and make the conversation personable.

By adopting these practices, you’ll be on more solid ground for keeping your social media on track.

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