In Praise Of Print: It’s Still Making Headlines In The Digital Age

Is print a dying medium? With the dizzying rise of digital marketing, reports of its demise have become more common. Spoiler alert: Print is alive and well and living in the homes and hands of millions of potential customers.

The power and relevance of print as an ad campaign component comes to light on several levels:

Less Clutter
With online marketing increasingly the prime focus for many businesses, an inviting void is left in print. Publications are less crowded, which leaves more room for your ad to stand out. In many cases, prices for that ad space may be very attractive as well.

More Engagement
Think of how often and quickly you check your email. Now consider the once-a-day routine of checking your snail mail. You likely take time to look at every piece of mail before moving on with your day to make sure you don’t miss something important. As a marketer, that means it’s a good bet your print materials will receive extra attention, especially if they’re created with strong graphics and messaging.

Staying Power
A print piece has a tangible presence – magazines and newsletters can linger in homes and offices for weeks or months. They can even get a second lease on life after being passed along to other people.

Placing ads in specialty magazines can reach niche audiences with rare precision and relevance. So can direct mail pieces tailored to prospects whose interests and purchasing habits have landed them on a qualified list.

Brand Building
Print ads and support materials can lift your brand exposure to new heights. Consistent fonts, colors and design elements will make you a familiar face to those in the market for your product or service.

No matter how dominant digital marketing becomes, there is still a huge tuned-in audience you can reach through print and direct mail campaigns. Include this traditional medium in your advertising efforts and watch your business make headlines that spark avid interest in every corner of your target universe.

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