If Your Ad’s A Snooze You Lose: How To Add Interest That Inspires Action

What advertising legend David Ogilvy said decades ago still rings true today: “You cannot bore people into buying your product. You can only interest them in buying it.”

Actually, Ogilvy’s wise words are more relevant now than ever as attention spans shrink and information overload grows. Ads that are boring simply don’t have enough stopping power – only clear, relevant, engaging messages get through. So how do you make sure your advertising is interesting? Here are some pointers on separating the dull from the dynamic.

Ads That Bore Feature:

  • Dense copy with lengthy sentences, big words, and large, unbroken chunks of text.
  • Self-indulgent messaging that focuses on the company, its philosophy and success.
  • A vague selling proposition or sales pitch.
  • Cluttered layouts and poorly presented visuals.
  • Product or service facts and features that don’t promote the customer benefits.
  • Content that shows and tells readers things they already know or don’t care about.

Ads That Soar Feature:

  • Content that contains important news.
  • Copy that addresses issues of human interest such as health, home, family, finances, careers.
  • Bulleted items or callout segments that spotlight key points.
  • Answers to questions people have on their minds.
  • Solutions to problems or challenges.
  • An engaging tone that comes across as genuine and trustworthy.
  • Messages that speak directly to the readers’ needs and desires.
  • A compelling story that promotes a benefit or reward.
  • A concise, cut-to-the-chase payoff.

Follow these guideposts and you’ll be on your way to winning the attention of people who want what you offer. You’ll have lit the spark that conquers boredom and compels them to say, “Very Interesting … I’m going to check this out.”

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