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Tips On Increasing Employee Morale

“I love my job.” Think of the power of those words. For employees making that statement it is a comforting self-realization that they are in the right workplace. And for the employer listening to that affirmation, it is a proud acknowledgment that he or she has created a culture where associates are happy, fulfilled and motivated to succeed.

As managers, if we truly care about the welfare and development of our staff, the rewards will follow as a natural by-product. Studies have demonstrated that employee morale directly affects profitability. Workers who are happy in their jobs perform better, which leads to improved productivity, because if you really enjoy what you’re doing, you can’t help but excel at it.

Increasing employee morale cannot be achieved by the push of a button. It must be cultivated through a series of actions that touch individuals at a higher level, including…

Showing Appreciation
Don’t miss any opportunity to let someone know how much you value their efforts and how pleased you are with his or her accomplishments. Complimenting an associate for a specific achievement in front of peers is extremely gratifying. A staff meeting provides an excellent venue.

Encourage the formation of special project teams composed of individuals from different departments. Ask more senior members to mentor younger counterparts. Empowering encourages workers to take additional responsibility and pride in their work since they are being trusted to execute a key assignment on behalf of the company.

Providing Training Opportunities
Research in the field of employee behavior tells us that workers place a higher worth on organization sponsored training than being given the keys to a company car. A commitment to continuous education demonstrates a firm’s genuine interest in the professional development and personal enrichment of its people.

Creating A Family Atmosphere
Values of trust, respect and support are crucial for a harmonious and pleasant workplace. Consider employee-only activities to encourage socializing among the different departments, such as a pot luck lunch, or participation in charity events. Functions including spouses and children should also be planned. Workers truly appreciate an organization’s interest in their loved ones.

An effective manager must include counseling, coaching and listening as part of his or her leadership abilities. Encourage associates to come to you with their suggestions or personal issues. You may be able to help or at the very least provide moral support. You certainly reap what you sow, and caring goes a long way towards cementing employee trust and loyalty.

When it comes to increasing employee morale, pay raises and bonuses are certainly appreciated but are sometimes soon forgotten. However, the satisfaction of working for an organization truly interested in the professional and personal development of its workforce is a reward that lasts forever.

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