Good Blogging, Good Business


A business blog can be a strong channel for customer engagement and brand extension. But with so many jumping on the blog bandwagon, being just another face in the crowd isn’t going to do the job.

Blogs are easy to set up, but getting them to work productively is a different story. There are various procedures and techniques that support success in blogging to build your business. Here are a few that can start turning your blog from an underachiever into an impact player.

Be consistent in your blogging. Blogging is a commitment: If you don’t make creating new content a priority, the people you’re trying to attract won’t make reading your blog a priority either. Posting once or twice a month should be a minimum.

Keep it concise. Shakespeare said “Brevity is the soul of wit.” That less-is-more philosophy would have likely earned him a loyal flock of followers in today’s jam-packed world of business blogs. Time is limited and many people are drawn to blog posts that give them something useful, provocative or interesting in a bite-size portion. Show us a long-winded post, and we’ll show you a Macbeth size tragedy.

Capture attention with a catchy post title.  To get people to pause and zoom in, you need to seize their attention in the moment. “Getting In The Great Idea Groove” was the title of a recent AdServices blog post on productive brainstorming. We could have called it “How To Better Your Chances Of Generating A Higher Ratio Of Effective Ideas,” but the attention grabbing element wouldn’t have been very forceful.

Make some posts open-ended. To increase participation on your blog and the growth of an engaged community of potential customers, it pays to avoid writing every post with a beginning, middle and end.  Encourage others to add their two cents by not having a tidy wrap-up or by posing a question. Sometimes the best conversation stimulus is to end with a simple “What do you think?”

Apply these best practices for effective blogging, and visibility, credibility and connections with business potential will be the returns on your investment.

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